PIM Master CMS

Content Management System

PIM Master CMS is embedded in PIM Master Studio and lets you manage and maintain every aspect of your site creation such as content, presentation and navigation. Responsive design with flexible images and fluid grids makes your site adapt to any device. One common design also means less maintenance and more consistency in your online presence.


Modern Technology

PIM Master CMS utilizes the latest technology such as HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap to enhance the user experience and to adapt to different devices.

All modules within PIM Master (including PIM Master CMS) are 100% Microsoft.Net based and have been developed and are supported by our internal development resources. This means that we have full control over specifications, development, QA and support.



All Content in one place

PIM Master CMS is an efficient tool for creation, editing and linking of your product related content as well as other digital assets.

The usage of media files is vital for a premium user experience in an eCommerce solution. It is also of highest importance that you can make your media files available for your sales channels.

Add, maintain and share within your organization or distribute media files to your sales channels.


Categorization & Access

Build up your own categorization of your content and add meta data for improved searchability.

Set access restrictions to make sure that only authorized internal or external users can view or download certain files or other content.


Drag & Drop

Due to the latest technology, PIM Master CMS lets you create advanced sites without any need for programming skills or extensive html knowledge.

You can drag & drop pre-defined page sections with flexible built-in functionality and control the behavior and appearance via settings.

The fluid grid concept based on 12 columns offers a convenient way to build up dynamic pages that adapt to the screen size of any device.

Templates and Custom Pages

PIM Master comes with a rich set of pre-defined pages ready to use. These pages can be used either as production pages or templates for customized layout & design. 

Web Pages can also be created from scratch by choosing a page type, setting up the page structure, adding relevant page sections and configuring the functionality and presentation via settings. 

This gives you the best from two worlds; simplicity with pre-defined templates and the power of custom design.

Custom Design & Styling

The look & feel of the site is controlled by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You have full access to the CSS code and can easily make any change or addition for compliance with your desired graphic profile.

In PIM Master CMS, we use the concept of Layout Themes. A Layout Theme is a combination of a Page Header, a Page Footer and a CSS Style. You can define any number of Layout Themes and use them for different Markets, Brands, Pages or User Categories.


Site Navigation

A user can navigate within the site via menu structures, via a product catalog structure or via different types of clickable links. All of these navigation types can be restricted via roles or user categories or adapt to user preferences or behavior.

You can create different menu navigation for different user types. You can offer different product catalog structures in case your customers use different search patterns and everything will adapt automatically to individual user roles and real-time product availability.

This is one of PIM Master's Omni-channel enablers. We offer more functions as add-ons that enables you to give your customers an Omni-channel experience.



PIM Master CMS supports globalization, localization and personalization so that you can target multiple markets without loosing the personal touch in your customer relations.

Every page or section of a page can adapt to combinations of Market, Target Group (user category), Product Category, User Preferences and Device.

For Multi-Market, Multi-Company or Multi-Brand organizations, this means dramatically reduced complexity and costs.

For users, this means premium user experience, more relevant content and more efficient workflow.



Searchability and Site Analytics

PIM Master CMS can implement the SEO strategy you have choosen. Well structured html and URLs as well as mobile friendliness improves your ranking and increases traffic.

Support for Google Analytics is a standard feature in PIM Master CMS

This is one of PIM Master's Omni-channel enablers. We offer more functions as add-ons that enables you to give your customers an Omni-channel experience.


This is one of PIM Master's Omni-channel enablers. We offer more functions as add-ons that enables you to give your customers an Omni-channel experience.





Web pages created in PIM Master Studio supports responsive design and are therefore possible to run on any browser based device such as PC, Tablet or Smartphone. This means that there is no longer need for separate mobile sites. Building responsive pages is simple, convenient, flexible and fun!